RE Design Studio strives for authenticity, maximum functionality and a scrupulous choice of material. Implemented projects display an innate personal style, embraced by clients.

The Studio is committed to creating projects with a definitive identity, reflecting both the designer's
notions and the end user's taste, needs and lifestyle, regardless of wheteher the interiors are for private or public use.

Interior design projects follow accepted and streamlined creative work stages, namely:
- consultations with the client and drafting of detailed terms of reference
- developing a consistent visual and functional concept
- 3D photorealistic visualization
- budgeting
- work plan: sketches, sections, layouts, detailed drawings
- designer supervision

In order to offer personalised and memorable solutions for each project, RE Design Studio collaborates closely with engineers, technology experts and specialist professionals.

Project implementation is supported by well-established companies and experienced professionals, supplying finishing works, furnishings, lighting, furniture and accessories, floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, as well as by artists and clothiers.
Rumen Evstatiev launched his professional interior design career following graduation from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. He put great stock in his professional growth and the study of design, founding RE Design Studio in 2015.

Prior to that, he had worked for some ten years for various interior design companies, completing a host of projects, diverse in scale and character.

His unique aesthetic evolved over the years, defined by a mix of Bohemian luxury and romantic accents of the mid-century modern, punctuated by the straight-line simplicity.

Drawing inspiration from Rene Magritte paintings through to Donald Judd, he creates captivating, provocative spaces, redefining trends and client's wishes to produce genuine interior originals with distinct character.


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